Climbers at sunrise on Mount Hood

Who Needs Sleep? Sunrise Magic On Mount Hood

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Skipping out on Saturday evenings with friends and just plain missing out on an entire’s night sleep to go trudging up a mountain in the cold with a loaded pack is not always a fun thought. Making the long drive that’s often involved in getting to the trailhead, I’ll gladly admit that there are plenty of times where I’ve considered flipping a U, heading into that nice campground to close my eyes or dropping into that local bar rather than pressing on. 

Climbers at sunrise on Mount Hood

But then the mountain comes into view and the feeling of adventure starts. Getting active quickly makes the cold fade away (or at least some of it) for me while the challenge of the climb drives up my adrenaline to drown out the nagging voice in the back of my head. As the views start to open up, the change is complete and before I’m even done, I’m thinking about when I can do this again.

Rinse and repeat and it all becomes second nature so when the forecast looked good but not great (clouds, I need clouds!) yesterday, the bags got packed, the car fueled up and the plans set.

The big show as the skies light up from the east

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Mount Hood is a magical place for me in so many respects. I’ve scaled all the way to the top a handful of times and been turned back at least as many. I’ve also spent many more days exploring its features and especially sitting on its upper slopes whether for training or a view. The way sunrise lights up from the side of the mountain and touches the various features has drawn be back time after time.

My idea of community

So ya, last night was cold, so cold a waterbottle froze up in fact, but whatever. Sunrise magic makes it so worthwhile… that and the Timberline Lodge buffet breakfast I had afterwords.