Winter 2019: Hello & Condition Report from Round Top Mountain

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I don’t know about you but 2018 flew right on by and the new year, it’s not showing any signs of slowing down. Thankfully a lot of what’s keeping me busy has been the fun stuff — mainly mountains and snow.

So in getting back on track with my reports, here’s a quick report on my most recent adventure and a condition report for the Californians out there!

Round Top Mountain, Winter 2019

This weekend, I took a quick spin up to Round Top Mountain (that’s just just south of Lake Tahoe, off of Carson Pass if you’re trying to match up which Round Top I’m talking about) and wow, winter 2019 is looking good.

Caples Lake, Frozen in Winter

Last winter, I made several treks up the peak and never saw snow this deep out there. Even from the parking lot, you can tell things are off to a good start with the bathrooms half buried in and the info posts barely showing up at all. The snowy conditions continue right on up saddle, right until the wind blown upper reaches of the mountain where the snow remains scattered around as usual.

Round Top Summit

Heading up on Snowshoes, it was good workout with sugary powder from the treeline to the top. Regular winds do a great job of filling in the highway of a trail that gets carved on a weekend day making the push to the top into a marathon of trail breaking.

Snow snow snow

Everyone on skis, well they had good skinning on soft snow almost to the saddle (the last few hundred feet were good and iced up.)

Looking into the sierras from Round Top

The summit rock looks good with plenty of snow starting to fill in though still a few rocks sticking up to scout out those couliers. With another storm due in later this week, it should only get better out there.

So how about you, any exciting mountains to kick off the year?

Lake Tahoe in Winter

And if you’re interested in Round Top Mountain, here’s my trail guide from 2018.