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Heads Up On Business Inquiries:

  • Using Photos: Feel free to embed my content provided that you also link back and don’t actually re-host images. For any other use (prints, ads, website creative), commercial or otherwise, contact me for licensing.
  • Link Exchanges: If you have a site that’s travel / outdoor related, feel free to include in a relevant comment on a post. I don’t trade or sell link spots however.
  • Guest posting: This blog is designed around my experiences and take so I don’t post content from anyone els.
  • Gear reviews: I’m always up for looking at new hiking / climbing / travel gear, checking out adventures or stops along the way. So we’re clear, sponsored reviews are clearly disclosed to my readers and posted as I see it (you’ll get to fact check, not review the review.)
  • Advertising: Obviously game. Send me details of what you’re thinking and we’ll see if there’s a fit for my readers.